Manual Handling Level 2

Manual Handling is any activity that requires the use of force exerted by a person to lift, carry, lower, push, pull, move or hold any item. It also includes work involving repetitive activities, sustained muscle exertion and fixed postures.

Poor manual handling practices can cause injuries that are often permanent, or that can seriously impair the injured person’s lifestyle. Even when they are not permanent, it can take considerable time and expense to recover from manual handling injuries.

Body stressing injuries generally account for more than one third of all workers' compensation claims in South Australia.

Manual Handling is offered at three different levels, dependent on job role requirements.

Level 2 is suitable for people who have regular contact with people with disability, but do not undertake a high level of physical care which (for example) requires lifters.

Training includes:

  • Assisting somebody to stand up from a chair
  • Assisting somebody who has fallen
  • Use of a wheelchair (if required)
  • How to put a wheelchair into a vehicle (if required)

Course Information

Duration: 2 hours
Course Fee Value: $66 (GST Inclusive)
Course Fee Description: Per person
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